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KiNel Enterprises Inc.
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Careers and Opportunities




KiNel Enterprises, Inc.



When we have employment opportunities, we want only the very best and brightest: those with passion for their profession and the highest of personal values, integrity and character that compliments and furthers the established culture of quality and integrity in construction contracting that is the hallmark of KiNel Enterprises, Inc.


All key employees must be able to read blueprints and plans in support of our status as the "one source responsibility" type of construction contracting company.


Candidates for employment must be able to maintain exacting quality and safety standards, read and write in English, keep accurate records, pay strong attention to details, have the ability to effectively verbally communicate and follow directions, and to maintain trade tools, equipment and supplies. Minimum experience required: 5 years.


While KiNel Enterprises, Inc., seeks to comply with all applicable Federal, state and local expectations for our category of employers, job candidates must also be able to meet our exacting standards that are not limited to being completely free of mind or body altering chemicals or drugs, a non-smoker, and being qualified to pass expectations implicit in a comprehensive background investigation.


If you qualify to join KiNel Enterprises, Inc., and are able to distinguish yourself on projects for our customers as you work within our team, you will enjoy compensation based on your experience, competitive benefits, and much more.




Should you wish to be contacted as openings develop, please submit your resume, contact information and cover letter by mail to: Human Resources Director, KiNel Enterprises, Inc., 8100 Rural Point Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116.  We will not respond immediately, but rather, upon review, select applications will be placed in a follow-up file for contact in the future.


If we have a job opening that cannot be filled from pre-submitted resumes and cover letters, we will post that opening on this web page.


No phone calls please.




Function:  Carpenter.
Job Location: metro-Richmond, Virginia.
Schedule: on-call, part-time, leading to full-time as justified by current business conditions.

KiNel Standard Job Description, Carpenter.


Constructs, repairs, restores, and installs structural woodwork and related materials. Incumbents are exposed to restricted movement, dirty environment, extreme temperature and intense noise inherent to carpentry positions. Incumbents must lift and carry heavy objects.

Examples of Duties:
Constructs, repairs, restores and installs structures such as framing, joists, floors, doors, walls, windows, stairways, cabinets, shelves, and roofs.
Operates and performs preventative maintenance on hand and power saws, planers, lathes, joiners, shapers, drills, sanders and a variety of hand tools.
Installs locks, knobs, hinges, closures, and other fixtures to structures.
Cleans equipment, shop area, and work site area.
Other duties as appropriate to assure complete and quality craftsmanship in meeting company and customer expectations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of tools, equipment, and materials common to the carpentry trade.
Knowledge of cabinet-making techniques.
Skills in the construction, repair, restoration, and installation of wood or related materials.
Ability to estimate time and materials needed for assigned work projects.


Minimum Qualifications:

Completion of a four year federally approved technical training program in carpentry; OR, Four years' carpentry experience; OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved.


Note, KiNel construction contracting job descriptions are subject to update without notice, and the primary source of edited standard trade job descriptions is http://www.thejobexplorer.com