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Builder Selection Tips

How to select a builder


Selecting a builder for your construction project can be a daunting task.  How can you reduce your risk as you make your choice? 


Let the builder’s reputation be your guide.  Look first for experience, quality and integrity.  Excuse-free past performance is a good starting point.


Check references.  Seek insights.  Does the builder work well under pressure?  How does the builder handle change or unexpected events?  Keep promises?  Show up on time for appointments and on-the-job?  Strive to maintain a good reputation?  Projects and sites organized and managed well?  Safety record?  Does the builder expect excellence from employees, suppliers and sub-contractors?


Reporting services that validate the credibility of the information source are useful.  Examples include the Better Business Bureau, on-line services such as Angie’s List, licenses and complaint history, and credit standing.  Vendors and sub-contractors are prompt when they are paid promptly – poor credit may lead to compromised decisions and results.


Get face-to-face with the builder and ask questions.  Gain insights about the person and the business.  Is mutual respect apparent?    Are good values reflected?  Does the person get annoyed by your questions?  Do you like the character and traits that you observe?  What is your level of trust?


The vision and creativity of your project may be enhanced by the eye and experience of the builder.  Do you sense unique thinking that gets a “Wow!” response from you?  When you look at examples of the builder’s work, does it give you confidence that you are making the right choice?


Is the builder really independent, or subordinated to what is known as “the chain store approach to home building?” or perhaps wants cash and might use undocumented labor?   Do you want fast (time), cheap (cost) or quality (performance) and are your criteria matched to the desired results (scope) of your building project?


How professional is the builder?  Can the builder provide certifications, a valid contractor’s license, proof of insurance, bonding if appropriate, and identify compliance focused clients such as governmental or institutional entities?


Did you find out what Class the contractor is:  Class A, Class B, or Class C?




Finally, are all communications clear and do they confirm your choice?


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